Welcome to Cilleyville…

What better day to begin something ambitious and new than New Year’s Eve? Sometimes I feel like I need an outlet for my words, my thoughts, ideas, incoherent rants…that kinda thing, so another blog it is! My plan is for this blog to tie together my passion for photography with the other stuff that makes my life go ’round…and the things that make it spin out of control as well.
Over at Tumblr I keep a rolling show of photos I shoot here and there. There is no rhyme or reason, just stuff I’d like to show you… http://cilleyville.tumblr.com/ but this blog here should be different.
This blog is inspired and motivated by the many talented people out there writing about the simplified, uncluttered lifestyle that favors experience and personal connection over materialism and disconnection. If all goes according to plan (has anything, ever, gone according to plan?…leeway, give me leeway), this blog will be a place for “pixel simplicity”…dedicated to fine photography, with emphasis on simple composition and tone. Some of my favorite photographs are so for these reasons. They resonate and create harmony with a simple, uncluttered composition. If all goes well, I want to use this place to showcase other photographers’ work as well as post interviews with them.
…and no doubt I will use this blog to wax bewildered yet poetic on the subject of simplicity.

Cilleyville? Right. That’s where I live with my charming and lovely wife, Jessica!
Good luck in the new year to everyone! All things are possible…

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