Prosperity Consciousness

Today I’m meditating on the concept of prosperity consciousness, not in the eyes-closed/deep breathing way, but throughout the day as I go about the mundane and less mundane activities of life. The term “prosperity consciousness” first came to my attention maybe two years ago as I was listening to one of Paul McKenna’s trance downloads…a very effective method of finding focus in itself. McKenna suggests during the trance session that “you are developing a prosperity consciousness”. I have always been highly aware of my wealth and lack of wealth, but never really considered this a consciousness. I do find that whether I’m dirt broke or doing OK financially, I tend to hang on to more of my money and make better money decisions when I “guide” my thought processes concerning money toward believing I have all that I need. Its worth some deeper thought…and could we, any of us, possibly become entangled in a “poverty” consciousness? If prosperity consciousness holds any merit at all then the opposite is really something to be avoided.

On the photography front, I plan to crank up the scanner this evening and bring a few negatives to life. I never should have sold my Yashica Penta…that rig turned out some pretty negs.

On minimalism/downsizing, a year’s worth of magazines found a transitional home in the big, orange transfer station dumpster. My plan is to do this at least weekly (dump twelve magazines) until the only ones left are photography magazines I actually read and refer back to (Rangefinder, Aperture, etc.) and some “lifestyle” magazines (current issues of Yankee, etc.) and back issues of Kearsarge Magazine and Upper Valley Life Magazine (stored appropriately). I have a problem dumping back issues of magazines even though I can easily acknowledge they have little or no value…dumping one year’s worth a week is totally do-able.

OK, I got no more on this for now…post.

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