Mid-February Slacker Update, new/used VW, new work, new thoughts

I’ve been rethinking the basic premise of the blog and have decided that simple photography won’t work as it should as a foundation for the blog…partly because the concept itself will prove not self-sustaining. I know, the cameras can’t be expected to jump out of the bag and dance outside in the pre-dawn shooting abstract photographs without human assistance. …but I’m not much assistance these days. …lack of inspiration. Plain and simple. How simple photography ties in, in near future, remains to be seen. Plans are afoot to replace some gear before the start of this year’s wedding season…new glass and stuff…that sort of thing always rallies my inspiration. Meanwhile I want to use this space to wax effusive upon a variety of other topics that snag my attention from photography.

I’ve got a new job! Actually I started on January 3rd, but still…its new. I’ve been meeting a slew of really great people and I work with a great team of people committed to doing great work. It hasn’t been easy getting back into the swing of 9-5ish work but it feels good to be working toward something and actually contributing something. …oh, and getting a paycheck. That helps, too.

My new job ties into some conceptual thing I’ve been tossing around; Some people are, in fact, broken. Right? Either they are physically challenged because of accident, illness, disease or they’ve been this way from birth. Some people are broken emotionally or mentally. Some are a bit of each. I’ve been thinking about this lately. There’s a photography tie-in here…wait…for…it. Photographers love to find those rusting old hulks of cars, trucks, tractors—you name it, out in fields and forests, right?…they make wonderful still-life art and people love to look at pictures of them. Come on…they *do*…anyway, I can’t help but wonder about why we as photographers love to photograph broken things…things that cannot be relied upon to do the job they were designed to do…maybe because deep down we all know that we ourselves and our beloved gear will eventually be the broken down relics we once loved to study?

Yesterday I signed for a new/used 2002 VW Jetta wagon…a necessary reprieve for my Toyota. I have to do a lot of driving for my new job (the biggest single drawback to the job itself) in addition to the 70 mile roundtrip commute to and from the office every day. My Toyota pulled a consistent 20 mpg, reliable…but not good enough. The Vdub should average an extra ten mpg so 50% more of my meager mileage reimbursement should end up in my wallet. That’s the plan anyway. …and….AND…the plan as of now is that the new ride will be paid off THIS YEAR with earnings from shooting weddings. ….so photography worked its way back in a bit…nice.

This post has been on the wayback burner for too long so it goes live tonight.

I plan to post in the near future about our experiment with going internet-less at home. We cancelled our internet and cable, effective last Thursday so tonight is one full week without our usual distractions. So far, so good…in fact I’m posting from our local library…this is good, just using the internet gets me out of the house, away from the refrigerator, away from commercials (we still have basic cable) and saving about $70/month. So…as far as Cilleyville is concerned I plan to blog onward about this little experiment. No doubt we will have internet again in the fall but for now I plan to enjoy my free time a bit more without staring at the screen.

New glass is here! 24-70L f2.8 and 100mm macro! …can’t wait for the weddings to start. My first of the season is the 29th.

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